About Us

Here at Thousand Islands Wine Cellars, we create craft wines for you and your friends to enjoy – from start to finish.

Hi, my name is Mary Ann, and I’m the owner of Thousand Islands Wine Cellars. I’ve always worked for someone else, and while I found the work fulfilling, I didn’t really like the way customer service was becoming more of an inconvenience, rather than a pillar of the service industry. I never thought about running my own business until Thousand Islands Wine Cellars became available. With not a lot (read: no) experience with the ferment-on-premise industry, but a very firm idea on how I wanted to treat customers with dignity and respect, the idea quickly became a plan.

The opportunity to purchase Thousand Islands Wine Cellars came at the exact right time. Kerry, an employee with the previous owner, was willing to continue working with me, teaching me the tricks of the trade. Brenda was brought on board to round out our team. The learning curve was steep, but with Kerry’s help, not insurmountable. I have been the owner of Thousand Islands Wine Cellars since November 2015.

Taking over a fully functioning business, I have been able to continue to exceed the expectations of customers over the years with a warm and welcoming, team-oriented and fun atmosphere.

We love working with local customers and community partners to continue to improve, and look forward to serving you soon!